HeartCode® BLS Blended Learning for ACLS Students Only

HeartCode® BLS Blended Learning for ACLS Students Only


This Blended Learning option includes both the Heartcode® BLS Key Codes and Hands-On Skills Session AND must be concurrent with the Heartcode® ACLS Blended Learning option.

Included in this purchase are (i) eLearning.Heart.org course keycode, (i) in-person skills session, and (i) e-textbook (in the course module).

Your online access Key Code will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your registration. It is important to allow yourself enough time to complete your course prior to your in-person Hands-On Skills Session which will be completed at our training facility.

Please note that all blended-learning courses involve single-use AHA Key Codes that are non-refundable once purchased. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS.

To register, simply choose a green date in the calendar, then click the red time that appears, then click book now to add it to your cart.  View your cart and pay at checkout.


Prerequisites:  Must be registered for the concurrent ACLS skills class and have completed the American Heart Association’s Heartcode® BLS for Healthcare Professionals online course AND have your Certificate of Completion with the certificate number prior to attend class.

Class duration:  60 minutes at maximum attendance, may vary depending on number of students attending.

Completion card:  You will be issued the same American Heart Association eCard after completing the in-person skills session as you would at the end of the classroom-based version of this course; eCard is valid for two years.

Location: Wikiup Professional Park 160 Wikiup Dr #104, Santa Rosa, CA 95403.


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